Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011

I did it.  I broke a 10year streak of avoiding stores on black Friday. (I sent my hubby) But I had a great reason.  I have a lovely Nikon DLSR camera with all of the fancy lens and I LOVE IT.  The only problem is sometimes I don't want to carry it around I want something lighter but I didn't want to sacrifice the image quality.

when I saw the Black Friday add for Target for the Nikon L105 Digital camera for $99.99 I had to jump on that offer.  I was worried.  I couldn't find any reviews for this camera.  But I made the purchase anyway...(or I told my husband to go get it).  I found the camera on amazon for $249...
and Target claims regular price is $199

specks... 15x ZOOM. 12 megapixels, 720p HD video and 3" LCD screen.

He went early this morning instead of late at night.  He said he got in....He got out and it was easy. AND there were tons on the shelf..but check with your local store. He also picked up the extended warrently for just $7.99.  It does not come with SD card or Batteries and camera bag...just FYI

Sooooo To the Review.  I got it home and after about 10 minutes I figured it out with ease.  I already have a Nikon camera so everything was familiar with the format....It has just a less than a quarter of the functions of my big camera but perfect for my needs.  PLUS it takes videos.  How fun for vacations, and I only have to carry one device around.  A trip to Disney is in the near future.  I put the image on AUTO focus and I was really happy with the quality...I even played with the different settings.  I really liked the quality.  Again not as good as my DSLR (a $1,200 camera) but way better than other point shoot cameras I have tried in the past.  I have a drawer of 3 point and shoot cameras I have tried and I despise.  I give them to my kids to take to school and on field trips and to use for their needs. 

Push the shutter button half way down to focus and all the way down to capture the photo.  You may be a bit surprised by the speed of everything if you are a custom to other cameras.  The shutter button is sensitive and if you are not aware on how to focus you may miss it...This piece of advice is going is the most imporant...Work on the shutter button...Or the TAKE THE PICTURE BUTTON.

 The flash does not automatically pop up so raise it if you need it....It makes a huge difference.  The lens is NOT changeable.  but it has a 15x Zoom.  I am not a professional photographer but I am an image snob...I really liked the quality.  The image size (file size) is the same as my DSLR.  Which makes me a bit sad...I have not printed the images yet.  But I am confident in the images is see on my computer.  Many of you know I my day job is a as a graphic I believe the file size is AWESOME.  I wanted to post this review before they are all gone and the sale is over.  You can always return it if it is not a good fit for you.  If it is a gift don't forget to give a gift receipt.  The warranty is a good buy as well.  

I took about 150 photos.  Mostly of my kids...Here are some of my cat. (I hope you don't mind I didn't want to post personal pictures of my kids)  I didn't alter them AT ALL.  My cat thought something was up and I to zoom and take the photo with one hand an pet him with the other hand. (and yes it was easy to use just one hand and the shutter speed was pretty fast)  I used auto everything and flipped up the flash.  I loved the results best cat photos I have taken.  My cats eyes usually look weird when I have to use the flash.

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