Saturday, August 20, 2011


I love to cook....   I am not the best cook but I love to try.  I recently purchase a cook book and wanted to share a few recipes from it.

I recently made crabcakes.   Perfect for a TrueBlood party.  The are pretty small.  I made them the size of Hockey pucks or a little bigger.  I was afraid to make them because I didn't know how to prepare the crab.  I went to my local supermarket.  (a high end one with a fresh seafood counter)  I didn't see any whole crabs just some HUGE crab legs.  I asked the person behind the counter..."If I wanted to make my own crab cakes....could I use the leg meat."  He says yes...and he could steam them for me.   So I took my freshly steamed crab legs home and extracted all of the meat.  I wish he had already had it done...but no worries.

Check out Whitney Miller's cookbook.  She was the season one winner of MasterChef.

I mixed all of my ingredients in a bowl together

look how yummy it is on the inside...

Here is my Cauliflower Mac-N-Cheese also in the cookbook

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