Thursday, June 2, 2011

TrueBlood Headphones

Since True Blood premiered in 2008, I have had to upgrade to HD, subscribed to HBO, and bought a Blu-ray player.......Now I can't wait to upgrade my music listening expereince to the best  headphones on the market today.  I was a fan of V-MODA, and now OMG...

Here is more information from their website:
V-MODA and HBO have partnered on special pairs of V-MODA for True Blood headphones and ear buds. The V-MODA for True Blood collection will contain six different models of ear buds and headphones and will also feature a whole new look, different from what we have been used to for now, which have been the Crossfade LP and Vibrato. The new style will be called “Hearwear” and will be specifically designed for those who like the sexy stylings of the True Blood series. The V-MODA for True Blood line of headphones and ear buds will debut at Amazon, HBO Shop, and V-MODA on June 26th. Just in time for the True Blood premiere.  Be sure you don't forget to sign up with V-MODA for notification.  I have a feeling these things are going to be in HUGE demand.  Just keep your hands off of  mine.  I BITE.

Waiting SUCKS!  Not only am I waiting for the premiere, but now I am waiting on these headphones....

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As a mother of a teen I have to tell you these things LAST.  More information to come.

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  1. LOL...I feel ya! Too excited for the S4!!!!