Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Merlotte's Bar Shirt

I found a wooden shirt plaque at the Dollar Tree Store, for a $1. (lol)  I am sure it was intended to be used for childrens sports plaques or your favorite baseball team.  I am sure those are all custe  BUT I couldn't help but Vamp it out.

You will need:
White Acrylic Paint (the cheap ones that are like 50cents)
Wooden Tshirt Plaque
A print out of any logo your have/ or you can draw or trace a pattern.
Crystal Lacquer or Crystal Glaze something to preserve what you have done.

  1. The first thing I did was paint the plaque.  I used 2 coats allowing time to dry between each quote.  
  2. While my paint was drying I printed a Merlotte's logo on a photo paper so it looked GREAT.
  3. When my shirt was dried I glued the logo where I wanted it.  I then coved the entire shirt with crystal lacquer   It takes alot of product to do this but it is worth it to preserve what you have done.  
I made a Merlotte's Bar shirt but the possiblity of projects is endless.  Here are some ideas:
  • Fangtasia Shirt
  • Another Merlotte's shirt
  • Lou Pines Beer/Trueblood/Herveaux Contracting SEE HBO Store for ideas.  
  • Bon Temps High School Shirt
  • Twilight theme (useing one of the books, or your fav slogan, TEAM JB OR EC, Team Swiz)
  • Location advertisement or travel shirt (Forks, WA, Sunndale, CA, Bon Temps, LA, Mystic Falls etc)
  • Sunnydale High Shirt or UC Sunnydale
  • Vampire Diaries (team stefan or Damon, Mystic Grill, etc)
  • Hospital shirt or scrubs from BEING HUMAN or just a BEING HUMAN logo
  • Rock Band Shirt from Lestat from Ann Rice Novel. 
These were all ideas I had...I WANT TO SEE yours you don't have to have a wood plaque just use paper.  
Here is a paper T-SHIRT PATTTERN  Show me what you got.  Post a link below or email me your design


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  1. OMG this is awesome!! I can not wait till the start of this season! TFS