Monday, April 25, 2011

True Blood Crawfish Bread

I am counting down the days until the True Blood Premier.  Last night after a large easter lunch my husband decided to make a crawfish bread.  It was a light snack...It would be awesome prepare for your premier party.  You could make individual muffin type servings as well.  This is a recipe that has been perfected over time...PLEASE let me know if you make this....I would like to see it.

You will need the following ingredients:
*1 lb of crawfish tails coarsely chopped.  If you cannot find fresh ones Boudrox Frozen tails are the best.  You can use shrimp, crab and lobster meat as well.  Pat your meat with a paper make sure it is not to wet.....LOL
*1 4oz jar of pimentos drained and chopped
*3/4 cup of chopped green onions.
*1/2 a cup of shredded pepper jack cheese.
*1/2 a cup of Cheddar cheese.
*Salt, pepper and Creole seasoning to taste.  (I used tony chachere creole seasoning)
*2 8oz cans of crescent roll dough.
*one or 2 egg whites.

In a large mixing bowl mix all ingredients, except the dough and egg whites.

Then both containers of crescent roll doughs together  Dust your working surface with flour so the dough does not stick.

Once your dough is rolled out add your filling to the center.
cut slits in your dough to allow for easy folding.

As your fold the flaps of dough in use egg whites like glue so they stick.  Once all of your ends have been folded and you can no longer see the filling you are done.  Egg wash the entire loaf of bread.  To much flour was added on this one....I dusted it off before baking


  1. This looks awesome.. I will make it with crab or lobster..we are not fans of crawfish.. I can't wait for TB premeire either. I had Being Human to tie me Vampire Diaries..but geesh....TB is taking so long....waaahaa... lol.

  2. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing, if you know what I mean!

  3. I don't see where it states at what temp to cook it at and how long. Can you provide?