Friday, April 8, 2011

Easy Chicken Salad

I have had a long day, and I needed to go to the store for dinner.
My local supermarket had take out Whole Rotisserie Chicken on sale for $3.99.  My family doesn't really like chicken on the bone.  So I thought.  I could make Chicken Salad.  Find your favorite chicken salad recipe.  I love apples in my chicken salad on toasted wheat bread ,and so do my children.  I diced honey crisp apples, but braeburn apples are great as well.  I also add celery, cilantro, scallions, mayo, hard boiled egg, a touch of ranch dressing and just a touch of mayo.  I served the sandwiches with a side of grapes.... also on sale.  Healthiest meal all week, and very tasty.

Just a note, your whole foods and central market stores have free range chickens, and organic chicken.

I really bumbed it was all eaten before I could take a photo.

Take your Rotisserie Chicken and pull off your white meat chicken, I found that it came off quite easily.  No need for a knife.  Dinner took about 25 minutes most of the time taken to cut up the items for the salad.  I have purchase pre-made Chicken Salad at the store but it doesn't really taste really good.  This chicken salad was great and all gone.  No left overs.  I was also happy that the salad was made with fresh ingredients.  Did I mention that is was super easy.  I just had to take a moment to share.

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  1. I could so go for the chicken in your picture.. lol. I'm not a mayo person so most salads are a no for me.. They always look awesome.. and creamy and delish.. but just not for me.. So, I'll take the chicken off the bone and I'm good from their. I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner :)I had to go to the store for dinner today too.. Hot dogs and beans! It was a hit.