Friday, April 1, 2011

Autism SUCKS

April is Autism Awareness Month.  I am a mother of a child with Autism.  I took my love of Vampire and distaste for Autism and made my own little logo.  I am attaching a Awareness Button on the side bar for all of my vampire fans....Feel free to use it.

I have also opened a cafe press shop with the image if you are interested.....

I would love to CHALLENGE you to make a VAMPIRE SUCKS themed Craft.  You must combine Autism & Vampires.  Feel free to let your imagination go... Let me know so I can feature Product on my blog and Facebook page for the month of April. Let's spread some awareness and have some fun.  

Kel from Crafty Twilight Mom took my Autism Awareness challange.  I am attaching her wonderful Scrapbook page.


  1. that is a great logo.. I'm going to grab it for crafty twilight blog.. Autism is so tough and bringing awareness is just fantastic because with it brings education to so many people. I don't personally have a child with it.. but I do work with small children and I've had a few in my care. These children are amazing and wonderful, but times can become overwhelming and challenging for the children, school and families. I support and respect these families with all my heart. I'm going to work on this challenge.

  2. I'm away from home (yahoo!) but wanted to say that as a mom with two boys with autism, yeah, it does suck. What a cool challenge - and I love the badge you created!