Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Altered Wood block photo holder

I don't know what these things are called...I am guessing they are wooden block photo holders but I picked up 4  for a $1 at Micheal's last week in the clearance section.  Wish they had more.  I made a soccer theme on for a friend, A local high school mascot for a friend's senior daughter, did a teacher theme one, and then this one I sort of VAMPED out this one.
Materials I used for this project.
wooden block
2 different scraps of black paper,  (one gingham, the other poka dots)
for my little accessory I glittered up 2 flower die cuts I had and attached them.

1.  Measure the strips of paper to adhear to the blogs.  I personally didn't make the paper go all othe way to the very edge.  I used paint to hide the raw edges of wood.  Super easy....
I covered all sides of the wood block....pulling out the silver spiralss and re-glueing them back when I was done adding a little bead at the top as well...

easy craft...

I also made a matching birdhouse.  It was also a twenty five cent craft. The photo block makes a great gift because you can do anything to them.  

my little girl did a pink birdhouse as well...I gave her an old paint brush and some elmers glue...then she tore strips of pink and attahed them to the house.  We let the house dry for over 24 hours and I removed any pieces that fell over...I thought it was cute and it also kept her busy.

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  1. I love getting those deals!! These are too cute.. I'm LOVING the little birdhouse.. I'll have to try my local stores for some clearance deals.. It's so much fun to alter stuff. Of course I love the and white. you definately can't go wrong with that. I think the photo holder block would make awesome centerpieces, favors or gifts... lov em!