Friday, December 3, 2010

Killer Christmas Stocking

Christmas isn't my favorite time of the year.  I do like pretty lights on the houses....but I get over it after a while.
I made a funny stocking this year to see if it would be easy to add Cross Stitch cloth to the top of a stocking as a gift idea.  I have to admit....NOT TO BAD.

To add the 14 point Cross Stitch fabric.  I used a bas tape and sewed it to the outer lining before attaching the back lining fabric.

I used a Cross Stitch fabric that was on a roll.   That made the fabric roll a bit.  I didn't back the CS fabric, and I didn't add a cuff of any kind to the back....DID THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

I found the stocking tutorial here.
I made my own pattern...(for a stocking I already had.  .Instead of doing the swirly design on the quilting.  I used my sewing machine to follow the lines of diffrent fabric.  I really had fun with this....I AM NOT THE BEST AT SEWING.  Maybe because I don't have any patience.

1.  I used cut the sewed each strip together and pressed the seam with an iron after each strip was completed. 2.  I Just sewed all sorts of weird angles.  As long as I could press the seam strait.
3.  I then used my pattern and turned it a bit sideways that is what makes the stocking look they way it does...

The back fabric is just a plain RED & Black Fabric and the lining is black.
I also love this stocking tutorial.

Here is a blog with tons of different tutorials for stockings.  I want to see your Vamped up or EDGY stockings...don't forget to show them off...

Here is our flicker group


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