Monday, December 13, 2010

Handmade Twilight Ornaments

I made these handmade photo ornaments for my Twilight tree this year for a VERY low price.
These would be perfect for for any image you need on the inside of this wreath.  
A photo of your favorite show or Characters, Photos from your past, Of your fav. sports team, or show your Team Spirit.  For your best friend, of your pet....Whatever you hold dear.  I would love to see your projects if you do this craft.  Please email to a link in the comment, or in our flicker group

Materials you will need.
1.  Small Grapevine Wreaths.  I purchased these on a half off sale at Hobby Lobby.  
75 cents.  (6 came in a package GREAT DEAL)

2.  Ribbon

3.  Decoration....I purchased pine cones and the berry's on the holiday isle for .50 cents a package.  I had PLENTY left over.

4.  Twilight Round Stickers.  I purchased these at walmart.  Hallmark brand stickerroni  I found them on the gift wrapping isle.  

5. Modge Podge Dementional Magic.

6.  Monofiliment thread or think string or thread...

I only made 4 I only used one sheet.  I took a sticker and attached it to a piece of cardstock.  I trimmed the around the sticker and then attached a sticker to the back.  

I then added modge podge dimensional magic to one side and of each sticker allowing it to dry over night.

To make the wreaths I used a glue gun to attach the pine cones, ribbon, and berry's.  

I waited overnight and turned the sticker over, and added more modge podge to the opposite side and allowed it to dry overnight.

Once all dried...I took an upolstry needle and threaded monofilliment thread the hole like you would a necklace. Then I gathered the 2 strands together and added 3 beads and attached the monofilliment and tied it to the grapevine wreath so it dangled inside.  

Here are some close ups of my Ornaments.  


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