Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twilight in Forks Christmas Tree

It was a tough decision.  My 2010 Vampire Theme Christmas Tree this year is a Twilight in Forks Christmas Tree.

I started off with the Red Ribbon Garland.  I also have a white snow bead garland, and a small red beaded Garland.

I then added Red, Black, and White ball ornaments.  I had some white icicle looking ornaments left over from a previous holiday tree.

I have added the stem feathers for the top.

The FORKS are handmade.  I was inspired by a tree I saw on the web, and I thought it would be neat to try it.

All of the ornaments were under $10.  I purchased them from Hobby Lobby, currently all of their ornaments are 50% off. You should be able to find these mini ornaments at any store.

The tree was a pencil tree that is 3ft tall.  I would prefer a different tree, but I used what I had.

See this previous post for some ideas on your tree.

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