Friday, September 3, 2010

NEW blog Design

I hope I don't confuse anyone with a new blog design.

I was working on a craft for an upcoming post, and I had an old pattern laid out on the floor.  As I got up to get some pins I thought wow that paper is so pretty on the floor.  I really would love to just frame it.  So I photographed it....and then it hit me.  That would be so cool on my blog as a header, splattered with some blood stains. 

When I started my blog back in June.  I didn't give much thought to the blog design.  I just thought something not to busy.  It was a bit cheesy with the moon.  I have been meaning to change sorry it took so long.

This is ME.  I little bloody, a little steampunkish.  Different, unique and no vampire cliche's. 

Hope you enjoy the new design. Let me what you think.

If you REALLY LOVE IT and love my style, my day job is designing graphics, and websites.  Let me take a crack at your website.  Visit me on Etsy

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