Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FREE Blogger & Etsy Banner

I have lots of crafts to show you.  I am patiently awaiting a new card reader for my new computer so I can post all of those projects.  Until then I have designed a generic etsy shop banner & avatar, and Blogger Banner.  It breaks my heart to see the sad designs some folks post.  If you need a custom banner(etsy or blogger) please visit my etsy Shop.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/VampireCraftin or email me.  I am willing to trade for crafting supplies.  


Add your own title and graphics.  I will try to make some generic ones to post here and there.

Blogger Banner. Insert the Powerpoint/Publisher or photo editing software and add a font title or clipart....

760x100 Etsy shop background add a graphic and fonts to make it your own...

100x100 avatar These are usually okay to add in etsy....It may crop it a bit...same rules apply as above.

If you use this please let me know....It is a great opportunity to promote your blog or etsy shop.

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