Thursday, September 23, 2010

Altered Wooden Frame

Last year after Christmas I picked up 6 frames on the clearance isle.  They were plain frames with a spot for a 2x3 image.  I purchased them for about 50 cents each.  These instructions are great for a FLAT WOOD FRAME.  Altered customized frames are awesome one of kind gifts.  The hardest thing about this project is time for the project to dry. Don't get in a hurry.  Let it dry.  This project is a counter top project for me.  That mean:s I set it on a counter top and worked on it just a little bit at a time.

Materials needed.
Wooden Frame
decorative paper
Paint (optional)
Crystal lacquer or diamond glaze
nail file (I get the cheap ones from the $1 store)
liquid glue (elmers or mode pode)
Embellishments (you can't tell from the photo but I used small rhinestones) Punched flowers buttons work really well

1.  Paint your frame.  I pained the wood on the back and around the frame and allowed to dry. (this is optional)

2.  Glue your paper down to your frame,  allow to dry

3.  Once your glue has dried.  Use a fingernail file in a downward direction ONLY.  and file off any rough edges.
4.  Once all of that has dried you can add accessories to the frame.  I personally added small rhinestones in places of the paper.
5.  Apply a layer of crystal lacquer all over the top of the frame.  It makes your frame look like it is made out of glass.  Allow to dry and add a photo or image to your frame.  I only added this to the front of my frame...but you do what you want.

On the black and cream I didn't paint the back I left it raw but I did finish it with a clear.
I did paint the read and black all the way around.  and the back.

I have a closet full of Vampire Crafts.  Want this????   Let me know.....We will work something out..? A me crafting.....

I want to see your altered a comment with a link or join Vampire Craftin Flicker group here is the cross pattern


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  1. Those crosstitch crosses are gorgeous!! I can't do much past paper crafting.. LOL